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Contemporary Kids
22 April 2018
A series of experimental lessons held by the artist Vénera Kastrati at the Gessate, Mezzago and Bernareggio schools, is transformed into an exhibition-event where projects are exhibited entirely realized by school pupils. The exhibition is provocatively in harmony and at the same time in contrast with the other events planned in the same place. What is the limit that separates and differentiates a product created by a contemporary artist from that of an 11-13 year old boy? The event alludes to a real contemporary collective where Vénera Kastrati presents the boys and girls in the role of artists who, having matured their own critical thinking downstream of a precise path of study, are able to face a level debate in a round table organized to accompany the exhibition itself. The pupils started from a simple task entitled “the imaginary bestiary”, drawing inspiration from the works of contemporary artists that the teacher illustrated in the pre-project phase.
Work of alumni of IC Gessate, 1°B, 2018
Work of alumni of IC Mezzago, 2°A, 2017
They were then guided to the experimentation through a certain number of rules, regulations and limits.
Work of alumni of IC Gessate, 1°B, 2018
It was left space for invention and spontaneity, accompanying them in the reading of an image, a drawing, a written concept, a thought and even the elaboration of an “re-enactment of the imagination”. The work ended in a natural dialogue in which the alumni appeared to be healthy bearers of renewed forms of thought.