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Sulbiate (MB) Italy

Mon - Sat 10.00 - 18.00

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Temporary Studio EX-NEW

Have you ever considered the possibility of working in a temporary studio?

Do you live in Brianza and do not have a studio to realize your works or projects?

Do you need a location suited for studio visits and to share your work with art professionals such as curators, gallerists, art critics and bloggers?

Are you looking for a place to interact with technology and digital fabrication and, at the same time, to make use of the services provided by our experts?

Do you need a studio to create (design, paint, draw) in solitude or in a collaborative community environment, away from the chaos of the big cities and yet just a few kilometers from the center of Milan?

Do you need a specific type of studio for a temporary, custom-built use?

EX-NEW space (c) Cosimo Filippini
Ex-New Temporary Studio is located in Sulbiate, Monza and Brianza province, within Parco Rio Vallone and is strategically equidistant from Milan, Bergamo and Lecco.
EX-NEW space (c) Cosimo Filippini
EX-NEW space, Makerspace entrance (c) Cosimo Filippini
The Temporary Studio welcomes requests from local and international artists. It is designed to offer artists working with the most diverse media a unique opportunity: a specific area within Ex-Filanda of Sulbiate which guarantees and provides concrete resources for artistic growth, with the additional support of tutoring and feedback sessions. Experts from the contiguous MakerSpace will be at disposal to help you expand your creative horizon and teach you to interact with digital fabrication and with the most recent technologies.
For contemporary artists, the concept of studio is constantly evolving. It traveled through history, from Renaissance workshops it finally settled into the narrow virtual spaces of our personal computers. Yet the myth of the bohémien artist, lost among extravagances, palettes and trestles in total freedom of expression, has survived the digital area. Are we perhaps realizing the progressive and inexorable impoverishment of our manual skills in parallel to the decline of our perceptive capacities? The future seems to suggest a return to craftsmanship and manual skills,
but with an important distinction: digital culture goes beyond the dividing line between practice and reflection and positions the artist and his work in an infinite contribution-line without a fixed identity. In this renewed environment, is the studio the place where the work is conceived or where it is physically realized? Is it really necessary to have a fixed, physical place to develop the entire production process? Can artists cross the lines circumscribing their own creative environment and experience a wholeness made up of the complexities of the artistic process and of its result?
Makerspace beside Ex-New (c) Cosimo Filippini
Ex-New takes note of the needs of contemporary artists and offers them spaces for their artistic production, always on the lookout for new creative processes.
Artists will have a place for both reflection and action and the public will be invited to discover how a work of art is conceived and realized.
Guaranteed services: space available every day from 8 am to 10 pm, storage lockers, dividing movable panels, possible interaction with other artists, coworkers, makers and designers.

Additional services: make use of MakerSpace machines from the contiguous project Make In Progress, with qualified staff at your disposal and at affordable rates. Possible accomodation at Fondo Brugarolo, agritourism & wellness center. Temporary Studio program in fact does not provide accomodation. However, Ex-New and Make In Progress can provide affordable accomodation packages in collaboration with Fondo Brugarolo, a farm & wellness center located just 200 meters from Ex-Filand so within walking distance.


  • Single bench in shared space with wi-fi access.
  • Open box for single-use (2 square meters to be defined according to necessity) with table, mobile walls, two chairs, wi-fi, electric sockets, ergonomic bench for drawing.
  • Customizable space.

Ex-New Temporary Studio organizes mentoring sessions three times a week with professional figures.

Ex-New Temporary Studio

is located in Sulbiate, Monza and Brianza province, within Parco Rio Vallone and is strategically equidistant from Milan, Bergamo and Lecco.