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3 – 6 May 2018

TIME IS LOVE screening 11˚
(c) Mauricio Saenz, Insular, 2015
May 2018

EX-NEW live

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11am – Midnight

EX–NEW Contemporary Art Center is pleased to announce that from 3 to 6 May 2018 will host the 11th edition of the international video program  “Time is Love screening”.
Saturday, May 5th at 6pm
talk with the curator
Kisito Assangni.
Interview with Kisito Assangni

Interview with Kisito Assangni

TIME IS LOVE screening 11 Interview with the curator Kisito Assangni Interview by Emanuela Scalabrin 30 March 2018 THINK GLOBAL ACT LOCAL Exclusive interview with KISITO ASSANGNI TIME IS LOVE screening, an itinerant and serial exhibition, was born in 2008 in Paris and since then has been branching out into different international exhibition spaces, demonstrating a tenacious determination to exist. The concept, which we like very much, is simple and reminds us of the principle of a franchised shop in a virtuous way. TIME IS LOVE screening, through its creator Kisito Assangni, tenders its...

TIME IS LOVE Screening — is a video art project that travels to the largest cities in the world exploring the theme of love in difficult times of life. Love stripped of its traditional clichés and timeless idealism. These works address the complexity of human relations regardless of language, individual sensitivity or collective history. The programme proposes a reflection on revolutions, borders and customs in our modern society.
This is an opportunity to showcase well-known or emerging artists who experiment and develop the practice of moving image, as well as an opportunity for the public to approach video art, encouraging their knowledge and appreciation.


“Time is Love screenig – 11th Edition” presents itself as a multiple projection through which its creator, Kisito Assangni, proposes at each edition (the eleventh in this case) a new group of video artists. Neither the curator nor the artists are involved in the installing of the exhibition, which from time to time reaches different places on a small budget. It is by nature an itinerant exhibition, migrant, nomadic, without links to a specific place. An underground exhibition, where the rules are almost completely lacking. “Time is love” extends between repetition and the difference that takes shape from the context where it is located. Time is love, a title like a paradoxical manifesto, for an exhibition apparently without dialogue between guests (22 artists without any connection) and hosts (the organizers) but that succeeds in offering the viewer a series of reflections linked to contemporary global identity.
Albert Bayona (Spain)

Céline Trouillet (France)

Dee Hood (USA)

Djibril Drame (Senegal)

Erick Tapia (Mexico)

Frederico Evaristo (Brazil)

Helina Metaferia (Ethiopia/USA)

Hiroya Sakurai (Japan)

Irina Gabiani (Luxembourg)

Isabel Pérez Del Pulgar (Spain)

Kokou Ekouagou (Togo)


Lisa Birke (Canada)

Magdalena Zeisel (Norway)

Mauricio Saenz (Mexico)

Matilde De Feo (Italy)

Michael Macgarry (South Africa)

Mohamed Thara (Morocco)

Sandra Bouguerch (UK)

Sandrine Deumier (France)

Sarah Bliss (USA)

Susanne Wiegner (Germany)

Vijay Raghavan (India)

TIME is Love screening has presented more than 300 artists since 2008.

The exhibition spaces that hosted the programme during these years are (selection):

Contemporary Art Museum Ticino (Switzerland), Espace apART, Guangzhou (China), Bildetage, Vienna (Austria), Savvy Contemporary (Berlin), Rich Mix Foundation, Tiwani Contemporary (London), Zet Foundation (Amsterdam), The Cornaro institute, Larnaca (Cyprus), City Art Gallery, Kharkov (Ukraine), Sazmanab (Tehran), Peanut Underground Art Projects (New York), Foundation 3.14, Bergen (Norway), TEA Museum-Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (Spain), Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography (Slovenia), Torrance Art Museum (Los Angeles), Expressive Art Institute, San Diego (USA), Zeta Art Centre (Albania), Hall Rekalde, Bilbao, (Spain), Ljosi Light Festival (Iceland), Mur Nomade Gallery (Hong Kong), SPECTRUM Festival (Austria), ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe (Germany), Ex-New Contemporary Art Center, Sulbiate, MB (Italy).

Special thanks for the support and passion in the research of this project go to the historian of art Emanuela Scalabrin.