via Manzoni 9/A

Sulbiate (MB) Italy

Mon - Sat 10.00 - 18.00

Sunday closed


Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Guided Tours

400 Students

middle and high schools (ISA, High Artistic School “Nanni Valentini” of Monza) involved in guided tours for the occasion of the EX-NEW live 2018 event

School-work alternation program

EX-NEW live 2018, with high school ITIS “Albert Einstein” of Vimercate in collaboration with Makerspace of Make in Progress

Students and Artists during the school – work alternation program


Now and Here aims to establish from the beginning a privileged channel of communication between artists who are encouraged to collaborate and share projects in an almost utopian way for our time. The makerspace of the ex-Filanda acts as a catalyst of resources for the individual projects, which are born thanks to the contamination between the artists bearers of ideas, taking shape with the support of 3D modeling experts on site, and become a finished product with the use of equipment for digital manufacturing (3D printers, laser cutting, CNC). Each phase of work includes the active involvement of a selected group of high school students in a continuous and fruitful exchange of stimuli and notions to the benefit of both individuals and the collective.

The artist of Ora e Qui, Barbara De Ponti at work with the students of high school ITIS “Albert Einstein” of Vimercate