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Mauro Cossu and Francesca Conchieri

Mauro Cossu and Francesca Conchieri


Multimedia Performance

5 May 2018


Born in Serramanna (Medio Campidano) in 1954. Lives and works between Sardinia and Lombardy

“My work is inspired by the analysis of the social context, by listening and observing the landscape, by microtonal searches in non-linear time conducted for years. Sculptures, installations, musical compositions, electroacoustic concerts, sound landscapes, video and the various audio CDs produced by me, constitute an experiential corpus in which visible-invisible, audible-inaudible are continually called into question. After a twenty-year collaboration with Flash Art, concluded with the Ruinas Contemporaneas online column, I participate with Francesca Conchieri in the cultural planning of the 3T Center. (ass.P.I.R. Sellero, BS). Present since 2005 in the sound archive of the MOMA, within the project Sound Fetish (by Steve Piccolo), I quote with the same gratitude, among those who wrote about me, Annamaria Janin and Giancarlo Politi.” Mauro Cossu

Born in Brescia, 1980. From 2012 lives and works between italian Alps and Sardinia.

Born in Brescia, 1980. Since 2012  lives and works in the Italian Alps and Sardinia.

“I work to explore eterogeneus themes that situation put in attention with an embodied and relational approce. At the moment i’m special working on two focus: landscape and different cognitive structures. I experiment performatives experiences researching a percective and embodied dimention of concept, of verbals meanings or not perceptible aspects. I use different medium. I work for artistic production and more applicable researchs, like museum exposition, laboratory (expecial in the orticoltural therapy context), write and realise cultural project.

I am responsible with Mauro Cossu for the visual and sound experimentation and exhibition planning of Ass. Post Industrial for a new Rurality; project manager of some projects supported by several Italian foundations and co-curator of the contemporary art project Ruinas Contemporaneas. I have been exhibiting since 2000 in Italy and abroad.” Francesca Conchieri


Soundscapes that introduce a new conception of listening, configuring now as relational elements or as tools capable of intercepting a much wider dimension of our experience. The sound to lead us where the gaze does not reach, deep down.
An hour and a half to experiment relationships between basic elements of the contemporary landscape. An exercise that develops and works on the fragile border in which it lives; between physical and imaginative-conceptual. An hour and a half to immerse yourself and investigate the landscape experience in its infinite fundamentals, background, and possibility of going beyond (breakthrough) of the known.